Founded in 2013 by Katie Shine, KSH PR Group’s passion is driving business to your company by sharing your unique story with the world. Our distinctive approach is tailored to your specific needs, goals, and over all budget.

Prior to establishing the KSH PR Group, Katie Shine worked in the entertainment industry through out the New England area and Los Angeles for almost 7 years. With almost a decade of experience in project management, film production, customer service, press relations, business development and freelance writing, her voice is an established one, on both sides of the country.

With this vast experience in entertainment Katie Shine also provides services for entertainers including band and talent management, marketing, and public relations. In addition, KSH PR Group provides a range of services for event, concert/gig, and venue booking, along with management of said productions.

KSH PR Group’s client list is as diverse as their array of services. Working with organizations all over Southern Maine and New Hampshire, KSH PR Group has worked with industries focusing in health wellness, fitness, arts and entertainment, music, education, non profits, and hospitality.

When Katie Shine is not working to fulfill her clients needs she can be found spending time with her family, experiencing the outdoors, running, and cozying up with her feline friend, Captain Pedro.